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Ergonomic Office Chairs by Interstuhl

Enjoy seating performance.

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Our Promotions

We buy our ergonomic office chairs in large quantities. This way we can deliver your chair shortly and at very competitive prices. The majority of our models are fully equipped with the necessary ergonomic adjustments. Furthermore, you can come and test all our chairs, without obligation, in our showroom. Thanks to our extensive pre-assembled stock, you can take your chair with you immediately. If you order an ergonomic office chair online, it will be assembled and delivered for free throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.

Popular on our webshop

Within our wide range of ergonomic office chairs, we created a convenient preselection for you. Our stock models have been carefully curated based on a serious consideration of ergonomics, price, and quality. Experiencing choice-overload? We’re happy to assist you in finding the chair that truly suits you. For instance: our top 5. At the top of this list is the highly popular Office Chair of the Year: the Joyce NPR. It’s a comfortable ergonomic office chair with an excellent price-to-quality ratio!

Just for you

The ergonomic promotional models Joyce and Every are available in different back heights, with or without an adjustable headrest. They can be found in a soft upholstery or breathable mesh backrest. Additionally, the Vintage is a beautiful executive chair available in a standard or luxurious leather version at very competitive prices. For those who prefer a more active sitting experience, we recommend the Pure with its dynamic seat tilt adjustment.

For those seeking an unparalleled seating experience, we recommend taking a look at the Hero, Champ, and AirPad in addition to the Vintage. Each of them is a powerhouse in terms of ergonomics and offers exceptional comfort as office chairs. The Silver is a true style icon (designed by Interstuhl and Hadi Teherani) and famous for its appearance in Bond movies. Last but not least: the TwentyFour is the ideal chair for those who perform a lot of seated work and is perfect for shift work. Moreover, it is also highly suitable as an XL office chair for heavier individuals.

Why go for an ergonomic office chair?

Nowadays, we are spending more and more time seated. This requires adjustments to the chair en therefore high expertise in the design and manufacturing of office chairs. Interstuhl is a German family-owned company that primarily focuses on ergonomic office chairs. They create ergonomic office chairs for every use and in every price range, with a functional design. These chairs are specifically designed to provide optimal sitting comfort for everyone.

Afbeelding van een ergonomische bureaustoel

An answer to every need

Most ergonomic office chairs are designed to accommodate a wide range of users. The most common workplace setting is the standard office environment. However, in some cases, you may expect more or something specific from a desk chair, e.g.: surveillance or executive offices. Interstuhl understands your needs completely. Here you can find a number of popular categories, each with their own range of products. Having trouble finding what you’re looking for? Do contact us!

ErgoPlus office chairs

These chairs deliver the utmost seating comfort and will support you like no other. They meet the strictest requirements and are equipped with the most advanced techniques.

24-hour chairs

These chairs are extremely suitable for highly intensive use, 24/7. Perfect for continuous operation, observation, and surveillance.

XL office chairs

Everyone wants to sit comfortably, and these chairs provide that extra support for individuals who are heavier in weight. These ergonomic office chairs are particularly suitable for larger and heavier individuals.

Executive chairs

Ultimate seating comfort without compromising on design: these executive chairs excel in both ergonomics and style. With high-quality materials, attention to detail, and advanced mechanisms, they provide the best seating posture and experience.

Gaming chairs

Chairs that elevate your comfort and skillshots to the next level. Everything to provide you with a completely immersive gaming experience. Game comfortably and perform at the top level.

Counter height desk chairs

A comfortable ergonomic office chair, but at the ideal height for working behind a reception desk, counter, or cash register. Perfect for the practical working height when dealing with customers and visitors throughout the workday.

Starter Chairs

Ergonomic office chairs
at a very competitive price

Our starter chairs go beyond the ‘standard’ office chair. These affordable ergonomic office chairs come with the necessary basic adjustment options. So, reliable seating at a very competitive price. The starter chairs are ideal for general home use, public (computer) workspaces, and are perfect for students living away from home!”

Ready for something more, or just want to get the most out of the Every? Then we recommend the Every Full Option: the same look but a new level of ergonomic support and seating comfort.

+  Airy mesh upholstery with lumbar support
+  Complies with ergonomic standard EN-1335
+  Very competitively priced

+  Available in many different colors
+  Complies with ergonomic standard EN-1335
+  Very competitively priced

Recycled materials

Eco-friendly packaging

Optimal use of materials

Made in Germany

Every Interstuhl office chair is made from recyclable material. By purchasing an Interstuhl chair, you are also contributing to sustainability efforts.

We ensure that every office chair is delivered to our customers in environmentally friendly packaging

The optimal use of components ensures that fewer unnecessary materials are produced.

Every product made by Interstuhl is manufactured in Germany.

BIMOS Ergonomic Laboratory and Industrial Chairs.

Even in a more technically specialized workplace, comfortable seating is essential. These chairs are subject to additional safety requirements to ensure not only ergonomic but also static- and/or dust-free working conditions. Bimos is a German family-owned company specialized in workplace chairs for laboratories and industry. They design and manufacture ergonomic chairs that can withstand very specific working conditions. Moreover, Bimos chairs provide the necessary ergonomic support and comfort to the user.


Labsit bureaustoel

ESD Labster

Bimos ESD Labster stoel


Bimos Neon stoel


Discover our range of lab and industrial chairs

Free delivery

We offer home delivery, completely free in Belgium and the Netherlands, to both individuals and businesses.

Fully assembled

Our furniture is delivered fully assembled unless otherwise agreed upon.

Showroom and take-away

You’re always welcome to come and take a look in our showroom. Chairs that have been ordered  online can be collected here too.

10-year warranty

All office chairs from Interstuhl come with a 10-year warranty. Interstuhl is that confident about the quality of their products!

Fully customized to your needs

Our office chairs are fully customized to suit your needs. You can choose from additional options such as an extra headrest, different armrests, and much more. Additionally, each office chair is highly flexible and adjustable.

Get more out of your workspace

For those who prefer not to be hindered by their office chair and for those who like to remain in motion while sitting, chairs with a highly advanced and flexible frame are just for you! For instance, the Pure by Interstuhl provides the necessary ergonomic support without restricting your freedom of movement.

Haal nog meer uit je werkplek

Opt for the complete ergonomic experience with a standing desk. Flexible workplaces are becoming the new normal, replacing traditional seated office work. To compensate for the lack of movement and reduce absenteeism, occupational health professionals recommend the so-called “ergonomics formula”: 50% of working hours should be spent sitting, 25% standing, and the rest of the time in motion. Our extensive collection of standing desks features an electric motor that effortlessly adjusts the tabletop to the desired height, thanks to a convenient control panel. These desks are highly programmable and allow for seamless transitions between sitting and standing positions. Sit-stand desks and ergonomic office chairs complement each other perfectly. A sit-stand desk is particularly well-suited for achieving the ideal ergonomic sitting posture. To break up the time spent standing, you can use a sit-stand aid or stool. These are available in three different sizes. This way, you have the necessary movement and comfort, allowing for easy alternation.
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Our Services


We-Care is our circular base subscription for 10 years of service.


Next Life chairs. First-class seating comfort at an attractive price.


When a chair has reached it’s end-of-life, we ensure that it is locally recycled by a waste management facility.


We revitalize our chairs through the Re-design program led by our partner, Weder.

Cleaning Service

Our professional cleaning service effectively removes all types of dirt from your office chair.

Our Customer Reviews

Customers rate us 4.9 out of 5 (215 Google Reviews)