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We-Care is great subscription supporting businesses with their cash-flow management. You’ll be able to spread your investment over a period of 10 years and have the benefit of extra product care and maintenance.

You’ll benefit from 3 periodic check-ups (year 3, 6, and 8). The chairs will be professionally cleaned, detailed and serviced. We’ll even come and teach the newcomers how to properly set up the ergonomic adjustments!

The service we provide doesn’t halt after ten years. We collect and recycle all possible parts.
If you wish to make some changes to the chairs in use, feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Deep cleaning

We imagine you will be using your office chair quite a lot. After some time the dust and stains will start to build up. The biggest issue however are the invisible stains. We recommend to do a deep-clean every 3 years. We can provide a micro-bacterial cleaning to avoid pulmonary diseases and allergies.

Periodic Maintenance

Our specialists will check all moving parts and mechanisms during the periodic maintenance service. They will lubricate and repair if necessary. All repairs and replacements will be done free of charge during the 10 year subscription period.


We can tailor any ergonomic office chair to fully accommodate your and/or your colleagues needs. The proper seating depth, height, etc. are crucial for the right posture.

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